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Housam Marine Consulting is a leader in the Maritime Transportation, Shipping and Logistics Industry. Our proven success in Maritime Business Management and Development continues to facilitate our growth globally.

Our business approach is to quickly assess complex issues and establish effective plans for productive resolution; meeting corporate and profit objectives.


Our areas of expertise cover the following operations:

  • Port Management
  • Operations Management
  • Oil Pollution Management
  • Cargo Handling & Control Techniques
  • Operational Training
  • Strategic Planning & Development
  • Project Management
  • Computerization of Ports & Shipping Lines



Commercial Seaport

Housam Marine Consulting has built a private seaport in Abu Dhabi; fully operational and used by international companies. The port has 200 meter jetty and over 86,000 square meter yard ship construction areas, 22,000 square meter of high quality sheds, stores, work shops, offices, and 3 oil storage tanks for deisel oil, fuel oil, and bitumen of a capacity 2,500 quibice meter each with pumps and load/dicharge pipe lines system to the jetty side for vessels operation and to the land side for road tankers.

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